Grow Your Investment With Us

10% Minimum Fixed Guaranteed Return

Looking to get a better return from your savings than what the banks are offering? 

We offer a GUARANTEED Minimum Fixed 10% ROI

Receive Your Investment Back Within 12 Months

Receive your initial investment plus your minimum Fixed 10% ROI within 12 months 

Compound Your Investment

Looking to grow your investment fund?  Re-invest your return to increase your possible ROI to 21.1% over a 12 month period

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How Does Investing Work?


We firmly believe that for the Private Fixed Loan to be successful, both parties need to have confidence with each other.  The process starts with simple communication - lets talk! Communication is key here, we need to understand what you as the investor are looking for, and you as the investor need to understand how we operate.  Once we have established this understanding, we can then discuss the opportunities that are available.

We also offer the chance to site visit our current renovations, whether they are completed or under renovation, so that you can see our work in action. 

Sourcing Our Properties

We are continuously sourcing properties using traditional methods such as Estate Agents and auctions, as well as Direct To Vendor, where we actively go into the local area and physically search for properties that are not on the open market.

Once we understand your needs, we will then discuss the property options that we have available for your Private Fixed Loan to be secured against.  This will include details of the purchase price, legal fees, refurb costs and projected end value.  We also take large numbers of photographs, as well as having floor plans, so that you as the investor can review the numbers, and then make your own educated decision.

Securing Your Investment

All investments are handled by solicitors.  At no point do we physically have access to your investment, and this gives you the investor the piece of mind that your money is going to be handled in the correct manner.  We will also pay for you to speak to an independent solicitor (of your choosing), so that you can receive legal advice before proceeding.  This gives you the confidence that you are getting the correct advice on your investment decision.  

Once we have progressed through this stage, the money that you are investing is protected by putting a "Legal Charge" on the property.  This is the same process that a mortgage lender uses to secure their loan against a property owner.  As the investor it enforces your rights to the property, and is recorded at the land registry.  The result is that you have a legal right over the property, and your investment fund is protected.  

Regular Updates

Once the property renovation has started that you have secured your Private Loan against, we will update you with daily & weekly updates (dependant upon the stage of renovation) on how the renovation is progressing, along with detailed pictures.   As the Private Loan Provider you are more than welcome to visit on site to see how the renovation is progressing, or have a telephone conversation to keep yourself updated. 

Receive Your Fixed Return

Our current properties are purchased to sell.  We aim to have renovations completed within 4-8 weeks, and the sale process fully completed within 4 months - It does not benefit us to have properties sat on the market!  With all of our properties we actually begin to market the property after just 2 weeks of ownership to begin to gain interest in the property.  The result is that in some cases we have had offers accepted before the property has fully been completed.  The benefit of this to you as the investor is that you receive your loan and fixed return back sooner than 12 months, and your fixed ROI is actually higher than 10% (based on a 12 month loan agreement), giving you better results for investment! 

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2 Ways To Invest With Us......

Secure Your Funds Against Our Unencumbered Rental Property

In our current portfolio we have an unencumbered rental property which has recently been mortgage valued at £60,000.  This property is currently let to tenants with a monthly rental of £450 PCM

Funds up to £45,000 can be secured on this property for 12 months giving a £4,500 (10%) return.

Secure On A Renovation Project

The 2nd option is to secure your loan on one of our renovation projects.  These return the same great 10% ROI but the repayment is typically less than 12 months, so in real terms your ROI is far higher than 10%.  See below for more detail on this.

Securing Your Funds

Funds are secured using a 1st charge on the property that is purchased.  At FMP we purchase our properties below market value, so there is automatically a buffer build into the purchase price:

Newchurch Road (1) - Purchased for 25.8k, EA valued at £40k in its purchased condition.  Sold for £70k.

St James Row - Purchased for 22.5k, EA valued it at £40k in its purchased condition, neighbouring property is worse condition sold for £36k at auction.  Mortgage revalue of £60k.

Newchurch Road (2) - Purchased for 55k, EA valued at £68k in its purchased condition.  Sold for £100k 

Hardman Avenue - Purchased for 58k, valued at 70k in its purchased condition.  To be listed for sale at £100k

Newchurch Road (3) - Purchased for 45k, EA valued at £58k in its purchased condition.  To be listed for sale at £130k

Additional security can be built in to a property purchase, so for example if a property was being purchased for £60k, you would have the option to finance at 100%, 90%, 80%:

£60k Purchase Example

100% Financing = £60,000 funds with £6,000 return.

90% Financing = £54,000 funds with £5,400 return.

80% Financing = £48,000 funds with £4,800 return.


Maximising Your Fixed ROI

As we have  previously stated our aim is to have our renovation project on the market as soon as possible using high resolution 3D imaging (Examples shown below), renovated fully within 8 weeks, and the sale process completed fully within 4-6 months.  Time is money!

Using these time scales, if you decided to re-issue additional fixed ROI private loans, we can see how an initial investment of £35k could possibly grow:

Months 1-6:  £35k + £3.5k = £38,500

Months 6-12:  £38.5k + £3.85k = £42,350

The above scenario gives you a possible gross return of £7,350 on your original fixed return loan, which would equate to 21% gross ROI if new Private Loans had been created.  This shows how compound growth can positively work to grow your capital.