About Us

What started off as shopping for a single Buy-to-let property as a pension pot has now grown into a renovation, rental and lettings agency business.

Our business strategy is simple. No-nonsense!  What you see with us is what you will get.  Straight talking and passionate property discussion, sprinkled with hard work and lots of determination. In less than 2 years we have purchased (or are in the process of purchasing) 20 individual properties.  Our personal BTL portfolio is about to increase to 6, and we are now managing multiple properties for other investors through our FMP Boutique Lettings Agency.  Our aim is to continue to grow and help fellow investors grow with us, after all, there are enough opportunities for us all.

What makes us different is how open and transparent we are in everything we do.  All of our projects are documented online for all to see, and since joining Instagram in August 2018 we now journal every project everyday.  Using unique hashtags you can follow each project individually, or follow our business as a whole and see exactly what we are getting up to everyday.

Real People

We are real people just like you!  There is no hiding by us behind a corporate image, we get stuck in at the deep end when we are needed and manage our projects from the front.  Our business is growing but so is our passion.  From completing our very first property renovation by doing most of the work ourselves, we now use multiple teams to cover multiple projects at the same time.  Planning is the key, and efficiency is our goal.


How often can you follow a property journey from the very start?  With FMP you can, from our first forum post that was just saying hello, to our newly created Boutique Lettings agency; we have documented every single step.  Before clicking the button below I would suggest putting the kettle on and getting comfortable.  We have had over 50,000 views of our various forum posts and have over 2,000 posts and comments.  We receive some wonderful emails with amazing feedback from investors about our online content.