FMP Hands Free Property Solutions

Income Generating Hands Free Property Solutions

REAL Properties that we have SOURCED, RENOVATED and MANAGED for our clients:

£50,000 Purchase achieving £495PCM

£52,000 Purchase achieving £450PCM

£52,000 Purchase achieving £475PCM

£55,000 Purchase achieving £495PCM

£57,500 Purchase achieving £450PCM

£60,000 Purchase achieving £450PCM

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Taking the hassle away from finding your next BTL property

Not everyone has the free time to look for their next BTL project.  When you are time poor the prospect of spending hours online looking for a property can seem like a daunting task.  What happens when you have found the property that you think may have potential?  If you are not local to the area in question then this may mean travelling for a few hours only to find that the estate agent has been creative with their pictures and the property does not turn out to be as good as it looked on the portals.

When your time is precious we have the solution for you.  Our income generating property sourcing solution means that we do everything on your behalf, from negotiating with the vendor, to guiding the purchase process, renovating the property (if required) and then managing the letting on your behalf.

How Does Our Service Work?

Join our mailing list and we will send out details of property deals that are available.  If you are interested then you simply get back in touch with us.

We now offer a priority sourcing service for people who are serious about building their cash flow portfolios as soon as possible.

What we offer as part of our fully hands off package:

  • Negotiations with the owner or estate agent are completed by ourselves
  • Potential renovation planned with cost breakdown
  • Renovation organised and completed
  • Property advertised for rental
  • Tenants found, referenced and managed

Properties We Have Sourced:

Here are real examples of the properties that we have sourced, renovated and manage for our clients.  Our completely hands off cash flow generating solution works great for investors who are time poor.  Why not look at the brochures that we have sent out to our client mailing list?

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