10% Return On A Fixed Loan

Are you looking at how you can maximise the growth of your existing capital funds? 

Are you currently saving for your next BTL deposit?  

Are you looking to reduce the time length for your next BTL purchase?  

Leaving your current funds in a "savings account" offering a low APR isn't maximising its full potential, and it is making you miss out.  It is possible to gain a minimum 10% ROI with us.

Not having your money working for you is in essence losing you money!

What are the options for your existing funds which will enable you to maximise your income potential?

*  ISA's - According to the "Money Saving Experts" web site, the current top performing ISA has a ROI of 2.1%

*  Savings Bond - You can get up to 2.2% ROI in a fixed savings bond (product length of 3 years at this rate)

*  Traditional Savings Accounts - Here you can get between 1.5%-2.5% ROI (Easy access and Fixed)

Getting a Minimum 10% Return on Your Capital Funds

Have you considered using your existing funds for Private Property Financing to receive a minimum fixed 10% ROI over a 12 month period?  We want to work with like minded property savvy individuals where we can build a long standing working relationship and earn you a fantastic return on your investment.  

If this sounds interesting, and more importantly a way to grow your capital funds to help you achieve your property goals, then feel free to click below and find out more.  Our investor numbers are starting to grow, have a look to find out why.

10% ROI