FMP Sourcing

Taking the hassle away from finding your next BTL property

Not everyone has the free time to look for their next BTL project.  When you are time poor the prospect of spending hours online looking for a property can seem like a daunting task.  What happens when you have found the property that you think may have potential?  If you are not local to the area in question then this may mean travelling for a few hours only to find that the estate agent has been creative with their pictures and the property does not turn out to be as good as it looked on the portals.

When your time is precious we have the solution for you.  We are able to offer you a viewing and sourcing service that will remove the challenge of finding a property that meets your requirements.  We source direct to vendor as well as through traditional estate agents, with the benefit of being able to negotiate on your behalf to reduce the asking price, saving you money from the very start.

* Renovation quotes are for guidance purposes. Costs may increase/decrease dependant upon factors found once property renovations have started.